Why Us?


Expert Consultation:

Let us help you navigate the increasingly complex world of telecommunications. One of our executive staff members can recommend the systems and providers that would best meet the needs of your business and then help ensure you receive the best possible price. Dennison Technology Group employs industry experts that offer years of experience to assist and facilitate a telecom design and enterprise implementation that can complete your entire IT infrastructure and allows a business to simply manage everything in-house.


Professional Installation:

Dennison Technology Group's expert technicians, combined with our nationwide network of service providers, can install computer and telecommunications hardware from all leading manufacturers across the nation. Given the of our network (1,300 firms, 10,000 qualified technicians), voice and data wiring, even with little notice, is a snap.


Hardware Service:

Already have adequate systems in place? Dennison Technology Group can provide service and support for your legacy telecommunication platforms from all of the leading manufacturers (Toshiba, InterTel, ShoreTel, and many more). Given the flexibility of our network (2,500 firms, 14,000 qualified technicians); we at Dennison Technology Group can service any system, anywhere, anytime. We provide support either during business hours or on an emergency basis, or on set Hardware Service Plans. These service agreements start as low as $400/year and include free or discounted service and support in addition to a host of further benefits. They're the best value in the industry and only made possible by Dennison Technology Group's vast (and unique) network of partner organizations around the country. Call or email today.


Hosted, and Remote Managed Solutions:

With Dennison Technology Group's full complement of outsourced solutions, we at Dennison Technology Group can relieve your worries, save you money, and refocus the attention of your IT staff where it belongs, on strategic projects affecting your business. Whether it's break fix issues regarding your phone systems, billing processes that continually cause headaches, or a disaster recovery plan, Dennison Technology Group is the company to talk to. Call today to hear what we at Dennison Technology Group can do for you.


Leasing Services:

Our Leasing Services are an innovative new offering that allows our equipment procurement customers to buy top of the line equipment for a low monthly fee. We know finding the free cash flow for a large hardware investment can be difficult, especially in today's economic environment. Dennison Technology Group's leasing program allows you to still enjoy the productivity enhancement and lower service costs of new equipment, while forgoing that large upfront capital charge. We offer attractive leasing terms on equipment from all major telecom manufacturers. Our leasing program enables you to utilize current technology without large up front costs, upgrade to new technology for the same low monthly payments, and ensure complete protection for your telecommunications infrastructure.


Your Agent:

Are you a current customer of a major network carrier such as Qwest Communication, Verizon or AT&T? Are you wondering why you would deal with a middleman when you can go direct to the provider?

Fair questions for sure. To begin with, when you source through Dennison Technology Group you receive the same service as if you went directly to the carrier. But when Dennison Technology Group acts as your sourcing agent, we negotiate not only with inside knowledge on current promotions but from a privileged position with every major carrier group – this means that we can secure lower prices for you. Our Value Add doesn't stop there – we bring our expertise to bear to ensure you have the right network at the best cost. We do the work for you so you don't have to become experts in telecom. We offer you rewards through out Loyalty Program. Best of all, Dennison Technology Group becomes your strategic partner and your single point of contact for all of your network services. This means you no longer have to deal with a giant company but your dedicated senior level Dennison Technology Group principal instead.

We do all of this at no cost to you. Instead, we receive a flat commission from the carriers (so they don't have to employ a large sales force). On top of everything else, given our wide portfolio of telecommunications services, we can advise you on your entire IT suite. The choice is clear – if you are interested in Qwest, AT&T, XO, Peatec, Verizon, or any of the other network providers, your first call should be to Dennison Technology Group.