ShoreTel Netsuite CRM

NetSuite® Integration Application

The ShoreTel NetSuite Integration combines two industry-leading products into a single interface. The integration brings enhanced productivity, shorter response times, and greater flexibility to companies that rely on these important business communications tools. With the customers' records at their disposal, system users can rapidly identify callers and field calls more effectively.

Seamless Integration

The ShoreTel NetSuite Integration is easy to install and intuitive to use, ensuring a smooth transition into daily business operations. Truly seamless, it allows companies to realize added benefits without changes to established procedures, roles, or workflows.

Instant access to customer data

When a user receives a call that matches one or more numbers stored in the NetSuite database, a window on the desktop displays options that are linked directly to the NetSuite application. Users can access the caller’s record, log the call, add notes, create a new case, or search additional records.

Click to Call

Using NetSuite’s built-in support for outbound dialing, users can call directly from their Web browsers, with the click of a button, enabling them to handle a higher volume of calls. This functionality works for all phone number occurrences, as is the case when viewing or editing records.

Increased Return on Investment

Because the application works straight out of the box, organizations can quickly and easily seize the benefits of application convergence. Increased employee productivity also allows for expanded leverage over their investments in ShoreTel and NetSuite technologies.